Crystal Healing Cool Kit

Your personal companion to self-healing and high vibing harmony!

Get ready to transform your life with the crystal power… Everything you need to start your crystal journey is right here!


Download the complete Crystal Healing Cool Kit for FREE and Learn How to:

  • ENERGIZE your home and workplace
  • HARMONIZE your energy field and chakras
  • BALANCE your body, mind and spirit
  • MANIFEST your desires and life goals
  • ATTRACT abundance and wealth in your life
  • LOVE yourself and prioritize your wellbeing
  • SPARK UP your love life and heal troubled relationships
  • CREATE positive vibrations within and around you
  • IMPROVE your physical health
  • ENHANCE your personal power and vitality
  • GAIN inner peace, wisdom and intuition
  • FIND meaning and sacredness in your life

Here’s what you will get in the KIT:

The Enchanting Crystal Essentials – an e-book that takes you on a journey into the enchanting world of crystals! It offers an insight into crystal therapy, chakra balancing; provides advice, tips and tricks for the use of various crystal tools and also includes instructions for crystal cleansing and activation!

Crystal Guru – a comprehensive guide to more than 35 commonly used crystals and their spiritual, psycho-emotional and physical healing properties. Plus, it has a bonus chapter about the most popular crystal carriers and boosters!

Your Seven Chakra System Infographic – a colorful XL sized infographic of your chakra system which gives a clear understanding of each chakras’ functions. Plus, you will find out what color and element resonates with each chakra, which essential oils and healing crystals balance them, what affirmations and chakra mantras to use, and what other harmonizing methods are out there!