Every one of us naturally desires an environment that feels energetically welcoming. A home or work space with high and good vibrations in which you feel at ease in, which inspires creativity and open, caring communication.

“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.” Joseph Campbell

Undoubtedly, it is essential to have a sacred space for your emotional well-being and harmony. It should be a place where you can enjoy doing your favorite things in or relax, meditate, chant and so on – simply be yourself, give blessings and let go of worldly everyday things for a bit.

Even, if the closest thing to an altar that you can have in your room is the bed side table where you keep your cell phone on, it may be time to give it a feel of sacredness. Setting up an altar is your decision about what energy you want invite into your room and life. It prioritizes your spiritual needs, connects you to the Universe and your higher self, awakens your creative spirit, strengthens the intuition, and brings a calm assuredness into your environment. Just seeing what is sacred to you before you go to bed and when you wake up, can be an important visual reminder of what you want in life and what energy you need to embody in order to manifest that reality.

Simple step-by-step guidelines on how to create your sacred space…

  1. Special location for your sacred space!Decide if you can devote a whole room, one corner of the living room, or a small stand in your bedroom, etc. to your special space.
  2. Physically clean the space!…and clear the clutter around it! A space that’s filled with clutter or dust is energetically clogged and not allowing the energy to flow, also not allowing the stagnant negative vibes to clear out. Open a window if possible, dust, vacuum, scrub, get it clean and fresh!
  3. Make it comfy, warm, and filled with sentimental value!Put some comfy pillows and a blanket for seating, use scented candles to provide a sense of warmth and inner light. Have great things that you have a strong connection to – like a pretty shell that you picked up on the beach, a feather that reminds you to be free and soar, a trinket that was gifted to you, or a souvenir you brought back from your travels. The sentimental significance of each of these treasures will bring pleasant memories to mind, and induce a bit of serenity in you when you need it the most.
  4. Pure essential oils!Add them to your space in a couple of ways and allow the high vibrations of plants to kick in. Use your favorite essential oils in an oil diffuser or burner, or put on an aromatherapy pendant with a pad filled with some drops of oil.
  5. Himalayan Salt lamps or candle holders!Rock salt accessories are great for inducing negative ions into your environment and they shine a soft beautiful and comforting light that can do wonders for your energetic state.
  6. Healing crystals!Place crystals throughout your space intuitively wherever you think they feel or look best. They will be always there for you to help heal, calm and restore your harmony. Naturally, healing crystals that are great for sacred altars are often those that promote relaxation, stress-relief, purification and love. For instance, Rose Quartz for universal love, Amethyst for stress-reducing relaxation, Fluorite for emotional balance, Selenite for charging and cleansing, Rhodonite for compassion, Blue Lace Agate for peace of mind, and Sodalite for soothing, joyful energy. While these are great suggestions, ultimately trust your intuition.
  7. Crystal Grids!A crystal grid organizes and powerfully directs the energy from your crystals towards a specific intention. Making one or meditating on your set up crystal grid is a great way to spend time in your sacred space. It allows you to focus on your goals, and stay attuned to your life’s purpose!
  8. Incense stick or Sage smudge!Pick up an incense or smudge stick, and burn it slowly in a fireproof safe bowl, dish or shell to clear the space energetically. Remember to do your energetic cleaning again whenever you feel your space needs it.
  9. Sound Clearing!Use healing sound vibration instruments such as tingsha bells or singing bowls to purify your sacred space and allow your body resonate with the healing sound.
  10. Let Mother Nature in!Open up the windows for sunlight and fresh air, grow indoor plants and flowers as much as you can because they induce negative ions which is necessary for your sacred space to function on a high vibration level.

Your mindful morning ritual…

Once you have finished setting up an altar, you could learn to integrate a mindful morning ritual that ensures your connection to this sacred space.

Devote at least 5 – 10 minutes every morning for this practice because such rituals dictate what energy resides within you.

Here are a few tips for an amazing morning ritual in your sacred space:

  • Each morning, light a candle on your altar – it energetically symbolizes your connection and communication with your soul;
  • Light your favorite incense stick to show your dedication to your practice;
  • Tune in to the higher frequencies with a couple of singing bowl hits;
  • Take those crystals which you feel the need to connect with and sit in a comfortable position in front of your altar while holding them in your hands. Allow your body to connect and receive their soothing energies;
  • Either close your eyes or calmly gaze into the candle light and meditate, pray or recite your mantras for at least 5 – 10 minutes;
  • Afterwards thank your crystals and place them back on your altar;
  • Chant three conclusive Om’s to show gratitude and devotion to your soul;
  • Lastly, if you can, let your candle and incense burn out on its own, if not then snuff it out;
  • Slowly stretch out your legs, arms, shoulders… gently rub your hands against your eyes and face. Stand up, rise your arms above your head with an inhale and welcome all the blissful energy into your body – and exhale while slowly lowering your arms back down to ground all this amazing energy in your day!

“It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself and to make your happiness a priority. It’s necessary.” Mandy Hale

The bottom line is: take your time to enter the day peacefully with your sacred space rituals, and your soul will radiate in self-love and harmony!