Are you feeling indescribably exhausted? Have tried out seemingly everything– regular workouts, healthy sleep, proper eating, fresh air – and yet you still lack that spark? Fortunately, you are not alone in this. There are plenty of people who feel the same and I used to be one of them too. The good news is that there is a well forgotten solution to this… In fact, it is the knowledge that has been used by our ancestors, including the Mayans, Incas, Native Americans, ancient Egyptians, Indians and other cultures, for thousands of years to deal with fatigue and restore their natural energy reserves. And today, a growing number of people, including myself, are tapping into this sacred wisdom and reclaiming its effectiveness again. We’ve learned to use numerous authentic techniques and powerful tools to regain our sense of vitality, health, love for life, joy… And so can you!

Living in High-Tech age…

Every day the humanity reaches new highs in technological advancement which offers new means of communication and yet it has its dark side too. Concerned researchers and health specialists report that, in the last decades, the amount of people suffering from distress and energy deficiency has sky-rocketed mainly due to the massive impact of modern technologies and extensive use of electronic devices. For example, are you frequently using your smartphone during the day and charging it next to your bed over night? Are you spending a vast amount of time in front of your laptop at work, and then later gazing at your TV or PC?

According to research, the prolonged exposure to our devices has a major negative impact because of the powerful electromagnetic radiation in the immediate environment and high levels of positive ions (don’t let the name fool you!) emitted by these devices. After having absorbed all this negative energy the damage can be clearly seen in the aura (it’s the energetic field of the body), moreover, eventually it can result in physical illnesses. Positive ions emitted by computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices can impair brain function and suppress the immune system causing symptoms such as anxiety, vegetative dystonia, breathing difficulty, fatigue, headaches, irritability, lack of energy, poor concentration and mental performance, nausea, vertigo, and increased levels of serotonin (the stress hormone). Positive ions can turn into free radicals in the body which can damage healthy cells and increase the acidity of the blood, thus causing various illnesses, including cancer.

It’s crucial to reduce the extent of positive ions (the bad ones) to a minimum and ensure the negative ionization of your environment (by using crystals, salt lamps, incense sticks, etc.) in order to feel more energized, stronger and all around harmonized version of yourself.

Your inner landscape…

So, your immediate environment and the energetic quality of your home/workplace has a tremendous influence on your well-being and yet it is only one side of the coin. Equally important is one’s own emotional state, thought patterns, and behavior. It is considered that the outcome of our lives is greatly influenced by the level of our mental vibration and the capability to synchronize with the Universal energies. In theory, every human being has an unlimited access to the energy from the Source, Universe, God (call it what you like). However, in reality, people rarely feel it because of certain blockages. It is widely believed that those are energy blockages, meaning that the energy flow through chakras is disturbed. They can be caused both by external environment, including other people, and internally – by bad past experiences, self-limiting beliefs, and fears. For example, a broken heart or the death of a loved one often blocks the Heart chakra; thought patterns like ‘I can’t do this’, ‘I am not worth it’ shuts down the Solar plexus chakra; while fear from abandonment or death cuts off the energy flow from the Root chakra.

Give yourself permission to let it hurt but also allow yourself the permission to let it heal. Nikki Rowe

The point is, you can clean these blockages and learn to tap into the pure universal energy (a.k.a. Chi, Ki, Prana). Truly awesome things happen when you learn how to recognize and work with the energetic potential within you. High vibrating energy can practically embody you with an increased energetic sensitivity, faster manifestation power, natural energy protection field, proper intuition, etc.

Tap into the ancient wisdom…

There are numerous routines and tools which can benefit you on your journey to master Life’s energies. I’ve found that healing crystals in combination with meditation and sacred geometry have a tremendous effect on energetic healing and protection of oneself. In fact, our ancestors were very fond of these harmonizing techniques and used them as an inherent part of their daily lives. Whereas, nowadays people have somehow drifted away from this knowledge, thus the modern lifestyle is making them struggle. It’s simply because they’ve forgotten that it is essential to take care of the energetic hygiene as well.

In this article, I’m excited to give you an insight to a few of the coolest crystal routines and tools you can use to connect with your own body and soul, tap into the energetic realm and be able to protect, heal and harmonize yourself. Even more of routines and tools, plus essential crystal information is available for FREE by requesting for your own CRYSTAL HEALING COOL KIT.

Enchanting gemstones…

One of the most profound and comprehensive sets of ancient tools and techniques is comprised in the teachings of crystal healing therapy.

Your aura relates to your emotional, mental and spiritual makeup, meaning that when you are healthy, the energy flowing through your body is clear and balanced. If something in your life exists or happens which disturbs the energy flow, such as, exposure to overwhelming amounts of adverse electromagnetic pollution, unhealthy relationships, an emotional trauma or a mental issue, then it could result in a blockage that is likely to manifest as a physical illness.

Crystals can communicate with the energies flowing within and around the human body and aura. Every crystal has its own electromagnetic charge or vibration, which is unique and has a specific healing power. This vibration interacts with the body’s energetic centers or chakras to remove the blockages and restore a healthy flow of energy throughout the body and mind. What crystals also do is they block out the harmful electromagnetic and negative mental energy, thus protecting you and transmitting the positive, healing energy.

Crystals are used based upon their specific energies whether they are calming, energizing, purifying, protective, soft, or one of the many other qualities. For example, Amethyst is particularly good for meditation and calming the mind, also many people carry it with them when they need to communicate effectively, see the clear picture, and boost their intuition.

Or, for example, Bloodstone helps to boost your self-esteem, confidence and promotes proactive action and courage during times of change or certain struggles.

In their ability to accept and hold a healing thoughtform, crystals are similar to magnetic recording media like a computer disk drive. The crystal is programmed with specialized information utilizing the higher dimensional energies of consciousness. Dr. Richard Gerber

You can easily do the best self-healing by choosing and using crystals that feel the most relevant and necessary to your state. Crystal healing really is a relaxing, natural and enjoyable process. It gives you a chance to get in touch with your body’s energies so afterward you can feel refreshed and restored. For example, if you are experiencing, let’s say, irritability, stress, or apathy then sitting down for a quick 10-minute meditation with a crystal is for you! You will experience an almost-instant release of tension, decluttering of destructive thoughts, calming of your senses and grounding of your body.

As sacred as it can get…

As mentioned before, meditation is an integral part of crystal healing experience. Among the most popular techniques in crystal healing, there is a method called Seven Chakra crystal meditation.

It is the ONE routine that can help you easily restore the overall balance of your energetic body. By using crystals which synchronize with your chakras, you will be able to intuitively feel what issue has caused the blockage in each chakra, then let the crystals cleanse that block from your consciousness and reactivate the energy flow across the body.

Furthermore, the crystal world is intertwined with the powerful science of sacred geometry which represents the functions of life-force energy. Crystals beautifully embody the essence of sacred geometry by providing tools carved out of natural crystals in various shapes: triangles, squares, cubes, tetrahedrons, spheres, pyramids, etc. And, of course, crystals themselves are the pure source of this healing life-force energy so crucial for the well-being of human beings. For example, by placing a pyramid in every room, or in every corner of the room, you can create a strong energy shield or grid which would impede the electromagnetic pollution and transform it into healing energy.

Moreover, the most commonly used crystal grid patterns for intention manifestation (attract what you really want) are also based on elaborate sacred geometry structures, such as:

  • Flower of Life symbol,
  • Tree of Life symbol,
  • Metatron’s cube,
  • Merkaba star,
  • Spiral.

And there is so much more to the crystal world… Palm stones and tumbled stones, Gem elixirs and pendulums, crystal jewelry and figurines, there is something for everybody! Allow yourself to explore the vastness and experience the beauty of it!

Crystallize yourself now!

I’ve devoted my life to regain the ancient wisdom of crystal healing, practice it daily and my main mission is to make it cool again! By cool I mean that you would put your own energetic well-being and self-harmony above everything else, and would not feel weird or different in any way by making use of the many crystal routines and tools. In my case, it allowed me to become a healthy, radiant person and to reveal my true potential. I honestly believe that this knowledge can help you too – to heal, revitalize and harmonize yourself.

Plus, the amazing thing is that you actually don’t have to follow any kind of religious dogma or school – in essence, the only thing that you have to do is to tap into your own awareness and body’s intelligence to intuitively feel and seek out for what works the best, uniquely, for you!

If you would like to immerse yourself into the world of crystals, I invite you to click on the LINK to download the CRYSTAL HEALING COOL KIT completely FREE of charge. This powerful bundle of information contains a step by step guide on energy healing essentials, tips, and tricks, details on many cool harmony routines and tools, handbook of crystal healing properties, as well as a beautiful seven chakra system info chart.

Allow yourself to experience and make use of this ancient knowledge to become a healthy, powerful individual in no time, and you wouldn’t have to feel energy drained ever again!