Have you ever heard of terms like Prana and Qi? For me, the revelation of them many years ago coincided with the beginning of healing process which marked a journey to spiritual self-discovery. In fact, most esoteric and metaphysical teachings have emphasized the idea of subtle energies that are the building blocks of all life on earth.

The healing life-force energy…

Most of you may know that Qi, Prana, also Akasha stem from the ancient Vedic or Chinese traditions where they refer to the cosmic, life permeating, energy.

Many alternative healing methods, such as Reiki and Crystal Healing make use of this subtle life-force energy in order to heal imbalances in the body. There are variations between the different theories and characteristics of this energy – in particular because it cannot be measured by scientific instruments – instead, generations of people with a natural or practiced sensitivity to subtle energies have managed to sense the way in which it works.

However, the origin of notion Orgone, which has become increasingly popular in the energy healing community, was unknown to me until recently, when I decided to follow my linguistic curiosity. It turned out that Orgone is simply another term for the universal life-force energy. It is the same Pranic energy only with a more scientific twist.

Let’s see why that is…

Until the 19th century, there was very little scientific research on this matter, which would clearly approve or disprove the existence of such energy. Then during the 20th century there were several pioneering scientists which devoted their lives to investigate the universal live-force energy and it led to amazing discoveries and scientific breakthroughs. One of the pioneers was Dr. Wilhelm Reich (1897 – 1957). Reich was an Austrian psychiatrist who first coined the term Orgone, and his research into orgone energy has paved the way for others.

During his research in 1930s, Reich used a galvanometer to discover that our skin creates an electric charge when we are in pleasurable situations, such as during orgasm, and he initially called this phenomenon bioelectric energy. Later on, he discovered globules of energy that he called bions. These globules gave off a kind of radiation which charged nearby objects. He later found that this radiation was the same bioelectric energy that he had discovered earlier, and then he named it Orgone.

Soon, Reich constructed the first orgone accumulator, also known as ORAC. It consisted of alternating layers of organic and inorganic materials. It was intended to produce a strong concentration of positive orgone energy, which would have a healing effect. Reich experimented with an ORAC box using mice that had cancer. He kept both healthy mice and mice with cancer in the box and compared them to a control group, and found that even the mice with cancer had longer life spans than the mice in the control group that were not kept in the ORAC box. He later went on to treating human patients who had cancer and other ailments. Reich’s experiments were quite successful, however, he was not supported by the government at the time, and thus his good intentions were blocked by putting him in jail where he spent his days till the final breath.

Only decades after Wilhelm Reich’s death, an Austrian scientist, Karl Hans Welz, in 1991, improved on Reich’s orgone accumulator by creating a device made of metal particles cast in resin. Unlike the ORAC which accumulated both positive orgone energy and negative orgone energy, this new “orgone generator” transformed the negative energy into positive. After the invention, Welz coined the term Orgonite. Later, in 2005, he trademarked the name.

In the early 2000s, Don and Carol Croft improved on the original orgonite formula by adding a crystal to the resin-metal mix. The quartz group crystals with their piezoelectric effect amplify the positive energy and aids in transforming the negative orgone energy. They also suggested that orgonite without a quartz crystal would over the long term become an orgone accumulator, which could be harmful if it was placed in a place filled with the negative orgone energy.

Much like the Yin and Yang principle…

Orgone energy in its healthy and natural form is abbreviated as POR, whereas the stagnant and polluted orgone energy is called DOR, as in deadly orgone. DOR is equivalent to the stagnant Qi or Chi mentioned in ancient Chinese medicine traditions. On one hand, everywhere in nature one can feel the abundance of the positive orgone energy, for instance, in forests, mountains, by waterfalls, rivers and so on.

On the other hand, the DOR energy is caused by environmental pollution and electromagnetic radiation. All the modern technologies, such as mobile phone masts, microwaves, computers, laptops, cell phones, and Wi-Fi routers are electromagnetic frequency (EMF) emitters which as a result generates the DOR energy. Being surrounded by this stagnant, negative orgone energy on daily basis can lead to various health issues, depending on one’s degree of sensitivity, especially many chronic and incurable illnesses which are predominantly evident and rising in the last decades.

So, wouldn’t it be a wise choice to surround oneself with some natural healing, protective orgonites and crystals which are full of the POR!?

Orgone in the human body and consciousness

The orgone energy or prana is crucial for a human beings’ survival, and mainly energy blockages and serious illnesses are caused by DOR. Orgone runs through your body, and different teachings have mapped out different paths along which it runs. For example, acupuncture is based on the meridian system taught in traditional Chinese medicine. When your body is healthy, energy runs undisturbed through these meridians, but blockages in the meridians can cause illness.

The Vedic chakra system works in a similar way. In this case, the seven major chakras are vortexes of energy where each has a different function. So if there are any blockages in energy flow in your chakras, this can also result in psychological and physiological symptoms like a disease or mental complexes.

Apart from practices like yoga and Reiki energy healing, also meditation, crystal and orgonite healing is a good way to keep a healthy flow of POR in your body, which leads to a healthier and harmonized self and body. In addition, the subtle energy system is also affected by the thoughts you think, food you eat, and the way you breathe, for example, Pranayama breathing exercises are great for a harmonious energy flow.

Even though the orgone energy is universal, the orgonite tools affect each being in a unique way, according to the level of consciousness, needs, and inner motivation of the individual. Therefore the quality of manifestation and healing processes largely depend on your natural inclination towards positivity and love, or the opposite.

The secret recipe for healthy energy…

Let’s have a look at the makings of a perfect orgonite device and understand how it works… It is amazing to understand and feel the sacred chemistry behind it.

So, orgonite is made from a mixture of resin (organic material), metal pieces or shavings (inorganic material), and a piezoelectric (quartz group) crystal. All of it is poured into molds.

Orgonite is an object which functions as a self-driven, continuously-operating, highly efficient energy transmutation device, drawing in the negative life energy and transmuting it into positive energy. First of all, the metal or inorganic part of orgonite usually is from silver, gold, copper, iron, steel, bronze or aluminum flakes.

While for the organic part a synthetic resin, such as polyester/fiberglass or epoxy resin, is commonly used. One might also try to make homemade orgonites with natural resin like pine tree, acacia or spruce resin. However, the downside of natural resin is that it never becomes completely solid and is easily distorted. While the synthetic resin works wonderfully – comes in a liquid form, and once a catalyst is added, it hardens quickly and maintains a lasting solid state.

So, the resin in orgonite shrinks during the curing process, permanently squeezing the quartz crystal inside which creates a well-known piezoelectric effect inside the crystal, meaning its end-points become electrically charged, which causes it to function more effectively as a positive energy generator. Piezoelectric crystals are all the crystals in silicate class, quartz group with a chemical composition of Silicon dioxide, such as clear quartz, amethyst, citrine, aqua aura, smoky quartz, rose quartz, tourmaline and all chalcedony subclass crystals (agates, jasper, carnelian, onyx, etc.). The choice of main piezoelectric crystal in the orgonite is very important because each crystal has its unique properties.

Spice it up…

In addition to the main crystal, it is also acceptable to use additional crystals to give flavor to the energy. And yet, they are mainly added to increase the potency of the device, therefore the healing properties of additional crystals have to be similar to the main crystal. In essence, crystals need to be compatible with each other and it can be determined by comparing their healing properties, color vibration and so on. It is similar to cooking – if too many different flavors were mixed together without making sure they go well together, it would confuse the overall taste. So, usually each orgonite device is made for one main purpose, comprises up to three crystals and takes into consideration the compatible crystal healing energy properties, color vibration, and strength by size.

For example, all the black crystal orgonites, such as a pyramid with black tourmaline, obsidian, garnet, shungite, or onyx is the best for EMF protection and radiation absorption. While, orgonite with amethyst as the main crystal flavored with lapis lazuli is good for spirituality and personal growth. Whereas, red and orange crystal orgonite devices are good for grounding, calming meditation, and to eliminate fears and self-doubt.

Why I would want to get one right now if I were you…

The most commonly reported effects of orgonite devices are:

  • Better sleep and vivid dreams
  • Balanced and strengthened aura
  • Increased positivity and vitality
  • Balanced moods
  • Protection from and decreased sensitivity to EMFs
  • Spiritual and psychological growth
  • Increased resistance to illness (however, orgonite should never be used as a sole substitute for professional medical care)
  • Deepened meditations and spiritual connections
  • Strengthened intentions and visualizations
  • Personal space removed from negative energy
  • Better quality of water and food
  • Advanced plant growth

All in all, it is important to note that the feeling of tangible benefits in a certain period of time can differ from person to person. It is completely natural and understandable because each of you is unique with a particular degree of sensitivity. Some of you might feel tingling or warm sensations right away, while for others the healing process is slower, deeper, less sensible, evident, yet equally effective. Nevertheless, all the positive benefits accumulate and manifest themselves in the long run. Such a device does wonders to strengthen your body’s energy field, helps to protect you from man-made EMF radiation, clean stagnant and negative energy, improve and harmonize your body, mind and soul.