While exploring the world of crystals, I came across cases when crystals had been lab created or artificially treated in some way. At first, I was very skeptical about this and thought that those cases are some kind of scam. Then I continued to further look into the topic and found out that in fact there are many crystals that are heated or otherwise altered from their natural state.

Rising concern…

It became evident that most of the times the alteration is done to enhance the looks of the crystal, especially in jewelry making. That said, I began to raise my concerns about the effect on the energetic healing properties of the treated crystals.

Now, it feels necessary to share my findings which allowed me to ease my doubts.

According to Stephanie Arnold (from healingcrystals.com), crystals are modified in several ways, the most common being by their color.

Dyed crystals…

Crystals can be dyed to produce an artificial color to the crystal, such as pink or royal blue, which can often be seen in Agates or Quartz crystals. While Lapis Lazuli is often dyed blue to make the blue color more vivid. Olso Black Onyx, which naturally tends to have gray streaks, is dyed black.

Important one: White Howlite is often dyed turquoise blue to imitate it.

Some other commonly dyed crystals are Malachite, Rhodonite, Jasper, Turquoise and Aventurine. Faceted gemstones are also commonly colored to make them more visually appealing and lustrous.

Nevertheless, what’s more important is that these color altered crystals still retain the healing qualities of the original crystal, and also take on the healing properties of the new color it has become.

Heated crystals…

Another way the color of a crystal can be modified is by heat-treating them. Heat treated crystals are heated with chemicals to alter the coloring of the crystal.

This is important: a lot of Citrine available on the market is actually heat treated Amethyst. You can easily identify these fake Citrine crystals (two photos above) by their bright, golden yellow coloring in comparison to the pale yellow or greenish yellow of natural Citrine (two photos below). So, if you want to work with the natural citrine healing properties – try to get a real one!

Or for example, Red Tiger Eye is created by heating Golden Tiger Eye. Some other commonly heated crystals are Tanzanite, Tourmaline, Fluorite and Aquamarine.

Irradiated crystals…

Irradiation is done by exposing the crystal to gamma radiation or ionization and is used, for instance, to make Smokey Quartz a consistent dark brown color.

Heated and irradiated crystals also still retain their inherent healing properties.If the crystal changes color during the process, it will also adopt the properties of the new color, which can be used in color therapy and when working with the Chakras.

Super-heated – metal infused crystals…

The color of crystals can also be changed in a lab by super-heating the crystals and then infusing the surface with vaporized metals that create a permanent coloration on the surface of the crystal.

This process is used to convert Clear Quartz into Aura Quartz including Aqua Aura, Indigo Aura, Tangerine Aura, Angel Aura and Champagne Aura. The color of the crystal is determined by the metals used. Crystals enhanced in this way combine the metaphysical properties of the metal with Clear Quartz properties, thus creating high vibrational healing crystals.

Wax-filled crystals…

Crystals that have cracks and fissures on their surface in their natural form are sometimes filled with wax, glass or another substance to mask the imperfections and create a smoother surface. Some crystals that tend to be modified in this way are Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald. Filling crystals only changes the look and color. The healing properties of filled crystals are the same as before the modification.

Lab created crystals…

Yes, there are entirely lab created crystals as well.

Bismuth is a state-of-art, man-made crystal created in a laboratory from a mineral and grown into a complex rhombohedral crystal structure with a beautiful rainbow coloring.

Or for example, Goldstone is a combination of glass and metal flakes, which both impact the healing properties of the stone. The type of metal/mineral used determines the color of the Goldstone: red is from copper, blue is from cobalt, green is from chromium oxide, and purple is from manganese.

Both Goldstone and Bismuth are powerful and helpful healing crystals, despite the fact that they are man-made. Bismuth can assist with feelings of isolation and can help you through a transformation. Goldstone is a stone of ambition and can help you to achieve your goals. Goldstone also stabilizes the emotions and can be useful for arthritis pain.

Staying open minded…

Crystal healing is a great way to connect with all the Earth’s energies and her amazing crystal creations. I came to conclusion that it would be self-limiting to avoid the heated, treated and man-made crystals, even though they have been modified. While not all crystals are sold in their beautiful natural state, these lab enhanced crystals can be useful tools for many self-harmonizing and crystal healing rituals.